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I am your global industrial B2B platform for custom & efficient supplier search

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One-click between you and your new supplier

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YVOO is intelligent. He learns from you, gets to know you, and can then fulfill your wishes even before you know them yourself.


YVOO has the quality. Transparency of supplier and market provides security and quality. All information is checked watertight and only the best make it to the portal.


Designed to reduce complexity. Easy handling and interface, features for your individual needs. Ask him something and he answers straightforwardly your questions.

For: Automotive. Plant engineering. Mechanical engineering, just for everyone...

What Yvoo offers to you?

For buyers

  • Access to verified suppliers
  • Scored prediction of whether the supplier will pass your audit
  • Fast & Cost-effective on-site verification of suppliers by YVOO experts
  • Reduce supplier qualification time to achieve faster savings
  • Saves significant traveling costs and valuable working time
  • Database of competitive & verified "Best Cost Country" Suppliers
  • Using the "YVOO Quick Scan App" ensures a professional appearance at your next supplier visit. An efficient tool to measure suppliers' potential and abilities.

For suppliers

  • Global Salesforce. Gain visibility and get connected to top-rated OEMs.
  • Access to high purchase volumes $100K & bigger
  • Reduction of marketing & sales costs by more than 50%
  • Measure your potential with the YVOO 4-Steps Method
  • Predict accurately whether you will be accepted by leading OEMs
  • Benchmark you with the Global Industry Leaders
  • Find trusted sub-contractors and increase your capacity. You do not have to miss out on customer sales due to bottlenecks in the company.

Make fast and smart decisions based on high quality supplier data

Industrial plant construction projects, in particular, large-scale ones, can suffer massively if supplier data is of low quality. Unreliable supplier data leads to an incomplete and misleading picture of the construction status. Moreover, incorrect supplier data can result in budget overruns, delays, and quality assurance problems, posing a considerable threat to the overall project's success. Yvoo offers a 360 view of potential suppliers and guarantees that your company obtains accurate, dynamic, and enriched supplier data swiftly. We empower fast and smart decision- making by providing a single source of truth, from onboarding through auditing.

Get access to a single system to scout, qualify and evaluate vendors of all sizes, globally.

Why Yvoo?


Find Supplier in less than a minute


Verification ensures your audit success rate is 85%


Cut your supplier qualification cost up to 70%

Straight and simple. 4 steps to your digital procurement transformation


Straight and simple. 4 steps to your digital procurement transformation


  • 1. Supplier search
  • 2. Advanced supplier assessment
  • 3. Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • 4. Make strategic buying decision


  • 1. Register & submit your information (RFI)
  • 2. The supplier self assessment
  • 3. Add your products
  • 4. Ready for new clients relationship's

How does it work?


  • Define the needs
  • Define technical requirements
  • Research the market
  • Find potential suppliers
  • Price? Capacity? Quality?
  • Audit Fin. check ISO
  • Qualify supplier
  • No
  • Yes
  • Sent quote


  • Define requirements
    We take care of the rest
  • One-click between you and your
  • Qualified suppliers



Online matching platform

Online platform to allow easy matching of suppliers and buyers providing relevant information for buyers on suppliers


Quick-scan app

Qualified technical assessment of supplier capabilities and quality


Detailed reports and fit-gap analysis

Online and offline reports with detailed information of supplier capabilities and, a benchmark of data with market leaders.


Guiding chatbot assistant

Guide the buyer to the right product and help the supplier to assess his manufacturing.


Self assessment

Objective data of supplier capability and potentials

Doesn't matter whether you are a mid-size company, enterprise, or small business, you always want to do business with reliable partners. Yvoo is a perfect way to work with partners who are best for you.

the team

We are a team of young, experienced and ambitious people.

We have a diverse mix of engineering education, procurement experience, and programing skills.

We have domain knowledge in procurement, production and audits.

We believe it's time for digital revolution in procurement.


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